The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way we do and think about business. In an effort to adapt to safety guidelines while still offering quality goods and services, the world has had to reimagine what is possible. There is an opportunity for us to continue on this wave of change, by innovating new solutions through the use of technology to positively disrupt or impact industries and their supporting processes.


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First Prize
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Second Prize
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Third Prize

How to Enter

Record and upload to YouTube a 1-3 minute introductory video. In this video, state the name of your team (e.g. Technology Rebels), explain the problem you are solving, and describe the solution you will be creating. The video should be unlisted so that only persons with the link have viewing access.
Complete the registration form with all the required information, including the YouTube video link.

Resgistration Deadline Extention April 14, 2022 @ 11:59 P.M.

About Us

The challenge was designed to transform UTech, Jamaica into a smart society. Sagicor has challenged the students at UTech, Jamaica to come up with ideas using UTech, Jamaica as a microcosm of the Jamaican society.

Entry Instructions

  • Maximum 5 persons per team
  • Maximum 2 final year students
  • Participants must be UTech, Ja. students
  • Teams must have mixed-faculty participants

Three Major Challenges you must pass

Data monetization challenge - May 2022

UI/UX challenge - April 2022

Prototype challenge - May 2022

Final Pitch – July 2022

Idea Categories

A submitted idea is expected to either disruptively reimagine an industry or solve a common issue in an industry through the use of technology.

Health & Wellness

Financial Services


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